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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Hall Clock No. 19" Model Clock

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Waterbury Hall Clock No. 19

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Co., "Hall Clock No. 19", ca 1893. This was the first hall clock introduced by Waterbury. Other models were added in the early 1900's. This 93 inch case is made of quarter sawn oak, and still has the beautiful original finish. Gilt metal ornaments include 3 brass finials, capitals and bases on the quarter columns in the middle, and on the full turned columns on the bonnet. Brass hinges and key escutcheons. Key lock in the middle, a turn latch on the bonnet. Beveled plate glass panel, brass weights, pendulum bob, and pulleys. 12 inch gilt and silver dial, with rolling moon phases, seconds dial. 8 day movement beats seconds, dead beat escapement, retaining power, solid polished movement frames. The clock is operating properly, strikes half hours on a gong. Decorative side windows. This clock defies all logic, it is perfect, like new, including the dial. It surely has spent the last 110 years in a perfect environment. Ly-Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators, No.1104. Ly-Waterbury No.793.